Miles for Marli

What is Miles for Marli

Miles for Marli is a fundraising event that can be held in any city to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer across the nation. It is a relay walk, consisting of different teams or individuals competing to see who will raise the most money. For every dollar the teams collect for Message for Marli, Inc. a person from each team will walk a lap around the track until another teammate replaces them. Every student participating will receive community service hours. Miles for Marli can be held at a high school, park, a city-center, anywhere! All proceeds will go towards raising awareness of the disease through a variety of informational resources that will help get Marli’s message out on a national level. The funds will help save lives, either through helping us spread the word about the symptoms through our website, literature that is being strategically placed in hundreds of locations throughout the country, and seminars/speeches made by Marli and/or family members.

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How to create your own FundRaiserPledge Forms

1. Contact the directors of Message From Marli Foundation, Inc.

Please contact Message From Marli, Inc. to let the foundation know that you are doing a fundraiser in its name.  A Message From Marli director will guide you in getting the necessary resources to conduct a successful event.  You may request an appearance by a representative to give a speech at your school.  (see ‘Contact Us’ page, or contact via e-mail:

2. Check with your local community.

Ask the city council for permission to conduct the walk and together with supporters of the event, decide where it will be held.  Verify whether a special permit is required to have food, vendors, or entertainment.

3. Get sponsors.

This is a crucial part of the process.  Each participant must download a Miles for Marli pledge form ( to keep track of dollars raised from contributing sponsors.  Sponsors may be reached by canvassing local businesses or members of the community.  You may request for donations in the form of goods, money, or services for the event.

4. Alert the Media.

Inform local news stations and newspapers about the event, so that your event can receive maximum publicity and become more successful in raising awareness.  Advertise the event in advance so that people who wish to support and attend will become involved.

5. Record info.

Keep track of total amount of money raised before and during the event.  Record community service hours from every student participating.  At the end of the event contact Message From Marli, Inc. to receive community service hours form.

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Contact Message From Marli :
or (305) 905-1997 Claudia Rey, Event Coordinator